Do you qualify for the Disability Tax Credit and related Benefit Programs?

When Canadian Benefits Centre represents claimants in an advocacy capacity, it can employ the expertise of licensed legal representatives and business network to smoothly navigate client benefit claims. The Canadian Benefits Centre is a Non-legal enterprise that represents all Canadians with disabilities and impairments in respects to benefits claims, specializing in; Disability Tax Credit claims and related programs

Qualifying for the Disability Tax Credit means you may qualify for additional benefits, credits, and deductions that you may be entitled to retroactively up to 10 years, these benefits and credits may mean large lump-sums of money from the Canadian Government. The application process leaves no room for error, therefore knowledgeable professionals can only increase your chances for success. If you are working you may still qualify for the DTC. There is no age requirement, therefore all Canadians that experience disabilities or impairments can qualify for available benefits. Let us at the Canadian Benefit Centre represent you to maximize your potential entitlement to available benefits you need and deserve.

You are entitled to these benefits if the following conditions exist:

  • Markedly restricted - You are markedly restricted if, all or substantially all the time, you are unable (or it takes you an inordinate amount of time) to perform one or more of the following basic activities of daily living such as: walking, vision, dressing, thinking, perceiving and comprehension, judgment making capabilities, loss of memory, Elimination(bowel and bladder functions). Qualifying disabilities and impairments can be depression, learning disabilities, addictions, anxiety, and other disabilities and impairments not listed.

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