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We believe in providing as many avenues as possible to equip communities and its members with information, programs, accesss to benefits, programs and products or services that can assist in empowering communities to develop and or its members for now and in the future. Regardless if you affiliated with the Canadian Benefit Centre or not we encourage information facilitation. Feel free to review our site and contact us with any specific or general enquiries you may have and see if you can help us bridge the gap between Canadians and their benefits!

CBC Resource Hub
  •  Nutrition workshops
  •  Entrepreneurial training
  •  Empowerment workshops
  •  Life skills coaching
  •  Professsional skills coaching
  •  Employment skills coaching
  •  Community Etiquette
  •  Guest speakers
  •  Financial workshops
  •  Youth and family Counselling
  •  Destination field trips
  •  Audio/video production
  •  Community development liaison
  •  Art workshops
  •  Many more...
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